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  1. 2013 Cincinnati Reds - The season that never was.

    The 2013 Cincinnati Reds, who play a one game playoff for the wild card tonight, was one of those teams that had the talent to be GREAT, but lacked passion.

    I've been a reds fan all my life, at the beginning of the season it was easy to point to the NL central as a division that was easy to win. Cards should be down, Brewers way down, Cubs still rebuilding, and the Pirates has shown life in recent years, but you always expected that end of season crash that they had been known to do. ...
  2. A Challenge To All Cryptographers

    BD1: 296.54
    BDD: 300.7
    AN: 307.1
    BPD: 301.83
    ORD: 305.50, 304.00

    If you can decipher any/all of the above, then 1) you officially have no life (but congrats anyway) and 2) you now know the reason behind my prolonged absence from B/S.

    And on that note, I shall leave thee with this data; do with it what you will. Have a splendid day.
  3. A long, winding OOTP road. Part 1.

    16 years ago, I began dabbling in sim leagues. At that time, the craze on the internet was more so basketball. NBA Live 97, 98, and 99 were spectacles, particularly on the PC. Then more complex games or simulators started coming out, many are what you could compare to OOTP nowadays. I even ran several, some went for 10 plus seasons, which was a big deal then. Everything changed when OOTP started gaining steam. Then 6.0 and 6.5 happened. Things would never be the same again.

    I ...
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