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  1. Witlon's Fantasy Baseball Rankings: First Base

    The list is a mixture of stats, potential and playing time projected for the 2012 season(with standard 5◊5 catagories). These will be my preranks to open the season. Iím always open to questions, comments and civil disagreements with my rankings.

    Notes: Probably the deepest position in fantasy baseball, as always. You could argue either way on Cabrera and Pujols, but I like Miguelís situation an protection a tad better. Same can be said for Fielder and Votto. With the depth on the ...
  2. Witlon's Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Catcher

    Something I was doing for my blog, figured I'd share it here as well. Expect a new position posted every day with a Top 100 list to close them out. These are pure opinion, and I'll be using these in my preranks for 5x5 drafts this season.

    A couple notes: Victor Martinezís injury hurts the depth here, big time. Jesus Montero may not be catcher eligible in fantasy leagues to start the season. Ideally, heíd play about 30 games at catcher and 120 at DH. Iím likely too high on Salvador ...
  3. I Hate The Fantasy Win Method

    Why do fantasy commissioners continue to use wins as a major part of the fantasy point equation? Let alone the actual MLB, but I have more faith in fans being able to determine how best to evaluate a player's worth in competition. We're not keeping track of these stats using the newspaper, we have a bevy of metrics to look at and we continue to choose the wrong one, often giving the most weight of points to it.

    I am in a 12 league head to head league where wins usually make or break ...
  4. Sim Leagues, it's a serious business.

    I am going to get it out of the system, so that those who are not a part of sim leagues will never have to worry about blogs on sims ever again.

    But most of you have or are a part of a league. If not, sim leagues are like complex fantasy leagues that are beyond fantasy since it's not based on real life production, instead, it's based on rating forumalas and a statistical generator. Geeky, yes, very. But as sports fans, aren't we all? Sim leagues bring out the best in a sabermetrician, ...