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  1. NBA mock draft v1.0

    1. Washington- John Wall, PG
    2. Philly- Evan Turner, SG
    3. New Jersey- Derrick Favors, PF
    4. Minnesota- Wesley Johnson, SF
    5. Sacramento- DeMarcus Cousins, PF/C
    6. Golden State- Cole Aldrich, C
    7. Detroit- Al-Farouq Aminu, SF
    8. LA Clippers- Greg Monroe, PF
    9. Utah- Patrick Patterson, PF
    10. Indiana- Ed Davis, PF

    Top 5 is as expected. I chose to agree with Chad Ford on Cole Aldrich to Golden State. Don Nelson doesn't seem ...
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  2. DirtyKash ranks the 10 Canadian Provinces

    I will now reveal my unbiased rankings of the 10 Canadian provinces from worst to best.

    10. Manitoba - Like, seriously. What is there in Manitoba that's noteworthy? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Manitoba has way too many lakes, it's always cold and boring. They used to have the Winnipeg Jets, but they moved. They have the CFL's Blue Bombers, but that team always stinks and their uniforms are ugly. Also, I once spent 3 days in Winnipeg and nearly died of boredom.


    Updated 04-27-2010 at 08:38 PM by DirtyKash

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  3. The House of Porterhouse Slants: Why Tim Tebow is a good fit in Denver?

    Much has been made about Tim Tebow being drafted in round one, but have we ever taken into the fact of how similar in personality Tebow and McDaniels are at all? When I first heard about Tebow being taken 25th, it was a thought of why would Denver move up to make this pick. After sleeping on and thinking it over, The intensity and work ethic that Tebow has embodies how McDaniels coaches. It's what is expected of what he wants out of his player. Add the fact that he has Quinn and/or Kyle Orton on ...
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  4. 2nd annual "I know I'm better than A.J. Smith" live draft selection

    Tune in here on Thursday when I suggest the draft prospect that Sir A.J. ignores and pays dearly for it all next season.

    Last year at the now-defunct NFL sister site, I pushed for beastly Ole Miss offensive tackle Michael Oher when he fell to San Diego's pick at #16. Instead, A.J. reached for Northern Illinois defensive end Larry English, who made his name beating inferior players in an inferior NCAA FBS conference. Oher went on to start every game for Baltimore and came in 2nd place ...
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