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Baseball/Slant was founded in 2005 and began life known as Strike3Forums. The purpose of B/S was and always will be to deliver an entertaining, knowledgeable and funny baseball discussion. Many of our members were friends outside of the forums or later became friends because of B/S. We like to stick together but we love to welcome new fans in just as much. You won't find pretentiousness or deadly serious types around here, and if you do, they usually don't stick. We love baseball, for everything that makes it great and everything that makes us chuckle.

B/S will never make you pay to post or to get to know the community, but we do offer two levels of membership. There are perks, but we'll be honest, the main reason to do this is to support the site. We run B/S out of pocket, this includes server costs, developing new features, adding new software, and more. We don't seek to make a profit and anything that we might get in excess of our cost will be reinvested to make the site experience faster, better, and more memorable. Our goal is to continue to improve and grow B/S and your contributions help make this possible. Below you will see the three levels of membership and the features they include.
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La Revolución forum really is a work in progress but it is an exclusive forum to only Revolución Partners. Share things that you might not share on the public forums, talk behind other members' backs, and get access to some exclusive info. Premium Accounts are purchased exclusively for the benefits listed in the table above. In no way are accounts purchased to view/access content, media, or any other benefit outside of those listed. If you become a Revolución Supporter or Partner, you will be held to the same rules as anyone else. If you would like to donate more, have questions on membership, or need to send payment through the mail, please contact us in the Admin Notification forum.

.:Your #1 Fans, Baseball/Slant Team:.
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