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Playoff Picks + Homerism

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Like Pete Rose, I allegedly never bet against my team. Homers ahoy!

Division Series

Cincinnati vs Philadelphia:
Reds in 5. See picture above.

Atlanta vs San Francisco:
Giants in 4. Zito's slumber will give the entire team the rest and strength they need.

Texas vs. Tampa Bay:
Rays in 4. The 11 fans in Tampa go nuts!

New York (A) vs Minnesota:
Yankees in 5, coveting Mauer every game along the way.

Championship Series

Cincinnati vs. San Francisco:
Reds in 7, Lincecum and Cain be damned.

Tampa Bay vs. New York (A):
ARod is clutch (maybe not during the series, but he'll really be there for someone in his life) and the Yankees win in 6 despite their rotation.

World Series

Cincinnati vs New York (A):
Reds in 7, ESPN contemplates suicide, and Dusty enjoys a toothpick.

Keep in mind, I am allowed to be a homer as I have not seen my team in the postseason for 15 years (and the game I went to that year SUCKED.) Enjoy the postseason folks!