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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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You can count me as one that did not expect to see a Ghost Rider sequel. Sure, it made some money. But the bad reviews nearly tripled its gross amount.

In hindsight, I know very little about the comic book character. Sure, in print, Ghost Rider looks like one of the baddest characters around. He's a freaking skull wearing a freaking leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, and kicks ass with a chain. How do you go wrong with translating this to the big screen? Even with today's technology, it's hard to make a flaming skull NOT look like a cartoon. Took awhile to make the Hulk look decent in a movie. We're still trying to make The Fantastic Four's Thing look good. And we struck out miserably making the Green Lantern look visually appealing.

Then again, all of that is overshadowed by Nicolas Cage being Nicolas Cage. Number one casting mistake. The man should have been a villain in a movie so he could be killed off and never looked back at. His quirky almost unintentional comedic performances are best suited for some ridiculous bad guy, not a character meant to be a supreme bad ass. Right? You compound the problem by wasting a creepy actor in Wes Bentley and pretty much substituting a living, breathing Peter Fonda with a cardboard facimile, and you get... Ghost Rider.

I have no idea what's happening with the sequel other than there's a body that the Devil wants. And there's an actress in the movie named "Violante" fitting. The directors are Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, you know them better as the dudes who made the Crank movies. Interestingly enough, the movies they have directed have been hard "R" films while Ghost Rider is going to be PG-13. Recipe for disaster and poor editing.
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