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Thread: Official WWE/TNA/ROH Thread

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    Re: Official WWE/TNA/ROH Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by HollywoodLeo View Post
    Given Braun's persona I wouldn't hate it if he simply called a match at a PPV, but that basically makes it seem like the case is just a set up for that PPV's main event, in which case I feel they may as well have had someone on Smackdown win it while Braun is simply named the number 1 contender through some form of booking.
    i admit its lazy booking, and was just another vehicle to further get braun over... which, he doesnt really need. but id prefer that than to him just coming out and destroying brock, after brock/roman 1000. braun doesnt need, and shouldnt be booked to attack a prone opponent. HOWEVER, i do like an idea you threw out, and would expand on it a little. build brock/roman for summerslam, as i believe we all expect they will. and they can do the same thing they did for wm where roman gets sent home for brawling with brock. and brock a week or two before summerslam, comes out with heyman to cut a typical promo... and boom here comes braun. wins the strap, turns summerslam on its head making the main event a triple threat 6 days before the ppv... some surprise, and braun winning on legit terms.

    but yes, like i said, miz with the briefcase... it made too much sense to me. hes just perfect for that briefcase in every way. and bryan/miz writes itself. oh well.

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    Re: Official WWE/TNA/ROH Thread

    I know Alexa might be 100 lbs soaking wet but... DAYUM!
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    Re: Official WWE/TNA/ROH Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Slyder View Post
    She's a big part of the reason why I'm glad I didn't watch. Granted I wanted Natalya to win, cash in and give Rousey someone to feud with that WWE wouldn't have to worry about, get her on tv some, a possible escape hatch for Nia, and not stick Ronda in a place she's not ready for. Bliss and Charlotte Flair racing to 10 title reigns is a big reason I don't care about most of the division. They're the only ones that really get tv time. Charlotte will be gone about a month after getting surgery for whats being reported as a leaky implant so hopefully they can find ANYONE else to showcase.

    And if Braun wins any other way than calling his shot at a Big 4 PPV...that will be another rant for another time.
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