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Thread: Daily Nats Blurbs

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    Nationals Daily Nats Blurbs

    For all that useless stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread.
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    The Nationals attempted to start Alfonso Soriano in left field for Monday's game against the Dodgers, but he wouldn't take the field.
    GM Jim Bowden said that Soriano will be given a second chance to play the outfield on Wednesday afternoon against the Cardinals. If he refuses to play the outfield that day, the team most likely will put him on the disqualified list without pay. It continues to look like a trade might be the only solution here. Soriano might eventually back down under the threat of losing $10 million, but his unhappiness would likely affect his play
    "Players can't get better over time." -GiantsFanatic

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    Faced with opening the season on the disqualified list, Alfonso Soriano has decided to play left field for the Nationals.
    "It's a relief for everybody, it really is," manager Frank Robinson said. "We get the distractions away from here and we can focus on baseball now and getting this ballclub tuned up and ready to go for Opening Day." The best part about this whole thing is that there's a very good chance Soriano will be a worse player than Brad Wilkerson as an outfielder, even after taking ballpark effects into account. Still, the homers and steals should make him the NL's best fantasy second baseman.
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    Well, that's not a huge surprise. Soriano may be stubborn, and he may not hit that well in RFK, but he's not a complete idiot, and 10 million is a lot of money to any player.

    Then out of fairness to the others you will be Slagathor.

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    he's not a complete idiot

    I have to disagree.
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    Nationals released LHP Valerio de los Santos.
    De los Santos gave up 12 runs -- nine earned -- in seven innings. He shouldn't have much trouble landing another Triple-A contract, but he doesn't belong in the majors right now.

    Nationals reassigned C Mike DiFelice, RHP Kyle Denney, OF Kenny Kelly, OF George Lombard, RHP Saul Rivera and RHP Steve Watkins to minor league camp.
    DiFelice's departure leaves Wiki Gonzalez and Alberto Castillo as the contenders for the backup catcher's job. Watkins was very impressive this spring, posting a 1.20 ERA and striking out 18 in 15 innings. He'll probably see time as a reliever later on.

    Nationals optioned LHP Billy Traber to Triple-A New Orleans.
    Traber allowed nine runs -- four earned -- in 16 innings. He'll be in the rotation at New Orleans, and there's a good chance he'll be one of the first pitchers called up by the Nationals.

    Ramon Ortiz, who entered play with a 9.75 spring ERA, shut out the Orioles for six innings to win today.
    Ortiz walked none today after issuing eight free passes over his first 12 innings. It doesn't look like the Nationals are going to make any changes to their roation despite the struggles of Ortiz and Pedro Astacio so far. They'd add a starter if possible, but they have little to trade

    Alfonso Soriano, who needs extra at-bats after being benched in the World Baseball Classic, hit in the leadoff spot for a second straight day today.
    He went 1-for-4. Manager Frank Robinson has said repeatedly that he wants Soriano lower in the order. We're assuming he's not backing down that from that, though anything is possible. Another thing Robinson is saying is that he sees Damian Jackson, not Soriano, as the backup for Jose Vidro at second base.
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    A) Did Ortiz ever give the Reds a start like that for their money?
    B) Soriano lol

    Then out of fairness to the others you will be Slagathor.

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    Fisher, you're forgetting we're still in ST.
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    ST included of course. Baseball's a big blur to me right now.

    Then out of fairness to the others you will be Slagathor.

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    Why in the **** is Soriano hitting leadoff? I don't care if it is ST. Does anyone know baseball in Washington? C'mon Frank!!!

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    Soriano will not last half a season before Frank kicks his butt out of town. He will not stand still for a player like that. D.C. has a very good team and will do better without Soriano!

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    Tell that to the idiot GM who dealt Wilkerson for him. Dumbass!
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    Quote Originally Posted by love_that_reefer
    Why in the **** is Soriano hitting leadoff?

    Batting leadoff again Friday, Alfonso Soriano contributed a three-run homer in the Nationals' 4-2 win over the Braves.
    Soriano is just hitting leadoff to get additional at-bats, manager Frank Robinson confirmed on Thursday. He'll likely bat fourth or fifth at the start of the year.
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    Livan Hernandez limited the Braves to two runs over six innings in a victory tonight.
    He allowed six hits, walked two and struck out two. Hernandez has a 1.93 ERA in 14 innings since returning from knee surgery.
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    The Nationals announced Friday that Cristian Guzman (shoulder) will begin the year on the disabled list.
    The team is hopeful that Guzman won't need season-ending surgery, but for now Royce Clayton is the starter. There's no real dropoff between Guzman and Clayton -- it's like rancid milk versus rancid orange juice for breakfast in the morning -- and both are only fantasy options in NL-only leagues
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