So I play in an online league for NHL games, where you actually play 6v6. 6 humans on each side, each controlling a position. For that league, I have been streaming the league games now for over a year, I'd guess. I got curious how things would go if I started to stream more in general, and have been doing so. Right now I am kind of, maybe, transitioning from stream from Twitch to YouTube, but am a bit undecided. I was going to try and have a shared channel with a friend to double the output and the variety of gameplay. Twitch unfortunately would require us to both continually have to relink accounts, so I am trying to talk to people to decide which site would provide the easier way to share a channel. I am just curious, if we both are on playing a bunch anyway, why not see how far it could possibly go?

Anyways, outside of streaming, I had been already starting to make some highlight clips from games. Again, mostly NHL. I haven't really gone out of my way to tell people about it. Figured maybe let it gain some steam first before I possibly go post it on Facebook and everything. Then at least I can be like, hey, this is becoming something. Yet I figure, why not share it here? There isn't a ton to it yet, and this is a small group.

Be gentle.

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