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Thread: Ryan Hospitalized

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    Rangers Ryan Hospitalized

    Texas Rangers chief executive officer and president President Nolan Ryan was hospitalized in Houston Monday after experiencing chest discomfort Sunday at his home in Georgetown, Texas.
    In April, 2000 Ryan underwent a double coronary bypass. He is scheduled to undergo tests for what is believed to be a recurrence of the same heart condition. Ryan's family has a history of heart ailments. The Rangers said that Ryan is resting and feeling better. He is expected to be released from the hospital in the next few days.
    I really hope Ryan doesn't have to have another heart surgery. I wish Ryan the best and hope he continues to push his pitching philosophy onto the young kids in Texas!

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    Re: Ryan Hospitalized

    Medical science has come a long ways even in a decade, so hopefully whatever the problem may be it is fixable or at least treatable. My father had heart issues most of his adult life and even though it was very long ago it seems there was some new procedure or drug that helped him keep battling to live much longer than he was ever promised when first diagnosed.

    The key is catching problems early and not brushing off symptoms with the "It's nothing, it'll pass" mentality .

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