Jon Heyman of reports that the Giants are expected to pursue Michael Bourn when he hits free agency after the season.
They've expressed interest in him in the past, and they view center field as a particularly important position for them given their spacious outfield. The Giants would also like to re-sign Melky Cabrera, as well, but they probably won't be able to keep him and sign Bourn. The Braves wouldn't mind locking Bourn up with a long-term deal, but they've yet to engage in any substantial talks and might not be able to fit him in their payroll.
I love this idea and hope it happens! Bourn would excel in AT&T and would be an upgrade over Angel Pagan in CF. He plays good defense, steals a lot of bases and would be a force near the top of the lineup. Bourn also wouldn't break the bank allowing the Giants to sign both Cabrera and Bourn even though the rotoworld author thinks otherwise. Why they do is beyond me because the Giants have money coming off the books. The Giants need to build around speed and defense and Bourn fills both of those requirements.