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Thread: The Randy Myers waiver claim trade

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    Padres The Randy Myers waiver claim trade

    The waiver trade deadline got me wondering way back when the Padres claimed Randy Myers from the Blue Jays, why did the Padres have to send a minor league player to complete the trade, knowing the Padres did not want Myers and only claimed him to block the Braves, and the Blue Jays were happy just to ditch the contract? I can't imagine that the Blue Jays had told the Padres, "We need a player back, or we're not letting you take the responsibility of Myers' contract over the next 2 years!"
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    Re: The Randy Myers waiver claim trade

    Wow, this goes way back.

    I found this article in a Google search that makes an attempt to answer your question.

    Waiver Claim Backfired on Padres / Despite big contract, they grabbed Myers so Atlanta wouldn't - SFGate

    Instead of letting Myers go on a waiver claim, the two GMs worked out a trade in which Myers went to San Diego for two minor-league nobodies, so everyone could save face and make it look like a thoughtful deal had been done.
    LeagueTeamyearsRecordWild CardDivisionPennantsTitles
    MSLSan Diego Padres2034-20592,217-1,9951631
    TBLArizona Diamondbacks2005-20181,216-1,0531963
    TSSLSan Diego Padres2015-2021, 2024-20281,017-9280732
    TSSLTexas Rangers2029-2033396-4140000

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