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Thread: 2075 sim 3: Rosters due Sunday 6/30/19 at 7 pm CST

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    Molina's Sim League 2075 sim 3: Rosters due Sunday 6/30/19 at 7 pm CST

    I'm going to work on the draft this weekend before this sim and have it up with the sim. Then there will be a prolonged break before sim 4 (which is par for the course anyway for now) and post a very strict deadline schedule for when each pick will be auto'd if not posted before hand.

    My computer is a piece of shit which is why the draft isn't up already. (I went to work on it last weekend and everything was going slower than Adrian Gonzalez in a foot race) That's what I get for going cheap. I plan on spending a bit more on my next one soon after I see how much my next vacation sets me back and at that point I plan on simming more frequently...and doing importing/exporting finally.

    In the meantime I apologize for the long delays. Between the computer and the 2nd job it's been frustrating. But I don't ever plan on giving up entirely unless that's what others end up wishing. So long as the demand to play is there the frequency may go up and down but the league will continue.

    Please refer to these two threads for changes

    League site and rules (Please read if you are new to the league/OOTP)

    Ways to make the comish's job easier when sending changes

    Free agents are now first come, first serve. Please post in the following thread.

    2075 Scrap Heap and in season free agency signings
    LeagueTeamyearsRecordWild CardDivisionPennantsTitles
    MSLSan Diego Padres2034-20592,217-1,9951631
    TBLArizona Diamondbacks2005-20181,216-1,0531963
    TSSLSan Diego Padres2015-2021, 2024-20281,017-9280732
    TSSLTexas Rangers2029-2033396-4140000

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    Re: 2075 sim 3: Rosters due Sunday 6/30/19 at 7 pm CST

    On that note, I'd be willing to take it over and give up my team to be impartial if that ever became feasible (Leo wants help or to step aside, etc). As my GML brethren know, I much prefer running things than playing anyway and I already host the files on my site, so it'd make a bit of sense.

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    Re: 2075 sim 3: Rosters due Sunday 6/30/19 at 7 pm CST

    My sympathies on your computer being a Dylan Floro.

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