1) All offers must be sent to me through PM in the following format:[/COLOR][/COLOR]
Team-Offers-Pos-Name-Years-Amount-Per Year
Ex: Rangers offer SS-Michael Young 5 Years @ $5,000,000 Per Year

2) Offers received before the stated start time will be accepted.

3) Offers received after the stated end time will not be accepted.

4) You cannot change your offer once it has been submitted. You can bid again during the next free agency period however if you feel it may not be high enough.

5) Any player signed to a major league contract during FA will not be eligible to be traded until June 1st. Any trades sent in involving those players before that time will be ignored.

6) Trading during Free Agency is allowed but you are responsible for your own FA money situation.

7) If a player does not like the offering team, I will inform the GM via PM and he will be able to bid on another player assuming there is enough time for me to do so.

8) You can retract your offer on a player, but he will most likely not listen to any more offers from you for the rest of free agency.

Financial Rules
1) If you want to offer $10 million or more on a certain player, you are limited to 3 of those types of offers. Two of them can be between $10-$15 million while the 3rd one can be up to $20 million. If you are outbid on the player, or the player doesn't like your team, you will be able to offer on somebody else instead. If I see that you are trying to work around the rules (ex: multiple 9,999,999 offers) I reserve the right to cancel bids.

If you have any questions regarding the rules pl
ease post or PM me.

Starts: now

Ends: Wednesday April 24th, 2019 at 11:59pm CST