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Thread: 2074 Sim 8: Rosters due Sunday 2/17/19 at 6 pm CST

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    Molina's Sim League 2074 Sim 8: Rosters due Sunday 2/17/19 at 6 pm CST

    I'm making real progress on importing/exporting, but I've also been wrapped up in other real world issues. So I promise that's coming eventually

    Any 2074 1st round, 2nd round, or comp pick that loses talent from the draft sim (4) until the end of the season is eligible for a free save. However, you must inform me via
    THE THREAD LINKED HERE or else he will not be saved, as I do not actively monitor it.

    Please refer to these two threads for changes

    League site and rules (Please read if you are new to the league/OOTP)

    Ways to make the comish's job easier when sending changes

    Free agents are now first come, first serve. Please post in the following thread.

    2074 scrap heap/in-season FA signings thread

    The league site is still for the time being being uploaded at OOTP 6 Generated Website
    LeagueTeamyearsRecordWild CardDivisionPennantsTitles
    MSLSan Diego Padres2034-20592,217-1,9951631
    TBLArizona Diamondbacks2005-20181,216-1,0531963
    TSSLSan Diego Padres2015-2021, 2024-20281,017-9280732
    TSSLTexas Rangers2029-2033396-4140000

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    Re: 2074 Sim 8: Rosters due Sunday 2/17/19 at 6 pm CST


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