I'm currently working out a way to allow importing and exporting, but there's a lot of kinks I'm trying to work through trying to figure out how to do it as I've ran this league doing manual changes myself the entire time.

I'm going to get this sim in in the interest of moving the league along and then hopefully get that underway over the weekend.

I've been talking to cbenoit, OM, and Mach to help work this out, so much kudos to them.

As for the league files report, it's still currently hosted at the temp site: OOTP 6 Generated Website

I'll keep in touch with Mission for being able to get back to the normal one, but for the time being this'll have to do.

Please refer to these two threads for changes

League site and rules (Please read if you are new to the league/OOTP)

Ways to make the comish's job easier when sending changes

Free agents are now first come, first serve. Please post in the following thread.

2074 scrap heap/in-season FA signings thread