What this is, is simply a game I started many years ago when there existed two sister forums: thenflforums.com and strike3forums.com. Or something like that. Back in the day, movies were a big deal. In fact, we had epic tournaments to decide best movie, best TV show, etc. etc.

Ultimately, interest wained, therefore my interest wained. But it was still a rather unique event, and it took on a whole new level the last time I tried as I was able to incorporate "vbookie" (that's a cheap-looking little gambling mechanism for us degenerate sports gambling people, plus it was free!). I would love to still have that component, but I think it's not applicable for this forum.

We soldier on, nonetheless. The very basic premise of the game was to pick which movie new release domestically would gross the most over the weekend. By domestically, I do mean United States. I never did world-wide because release dates vary too much. Anyways, that used to be the weekly event. But as times have changed in the last 4-5 years, Hollywood has changed how they release movies. It's very rare they release more than one movie a weekend that has a realistic chance at winning. Last weekend was an exception. Typically, it's one dominant movie or a bunch of movies dumped in a weekend. So, throughout the years, I had to adapt.

- I may pick out a new movie or a movie that's currently out, and have you predict where it will rank in the top 10 in gross (or not even make the top 10).

- I pick a new movie and have you predict the gross total domestically (I would give ranges such as 0-7 mill, 7.000001 to 15 mill, etc.)

- I pick two movies that are already released and have you pick a winner.

And so on. Also, I tend to have a bonus where either there's only one winner or a chance for multiple winners. Typically the point system was simple, 5 points to all those that are correct and then whatever is allotted for the bonus. Often times, I used the bonus to act as a weekly tie-breaker when there's not much of a perceived competition.

Everyone is able to participate. You can participate any week, it's on going to a point. So you should be as consistent as possible to accrue points.

The first week, since it's Thursday, is only a test run. I will typically open the weekly event on Monday or Tuesday and voting ends at 12:00am Saturday. In the event movies open on a Tuesday or Wednesday, adjustments will be made accordingly.

Again, this first round is just a test and the competition will be open until Sunday. No points will be awarded.