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Thread: Shoulder surgery for HanRam

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    Marlins Shoulder surgery for HanRam

    Hanley Ramirez is scheduled to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery on September 15.
    The procedure will be performed by Dr. James Andrews. We'll have a better idea after the surgery how long Ramirez will need to rehab, but the word is that it will likely take him 4-6 months, which might put the beginning of 2012 in jeopardy.
    Not exactly how the Marlins wanted to open their new stadium. Hanley's worst season is now done after hitting a measly 10 HRs to go along with a .712 OPS. The 27 yr old just couldn't get it going this year but maybe the injury could be a good thing. His work ethic has always been a question so maybe he could use this as a way to get back into good playing shape. He definitely needs to cut down the muscle mass if he wants to stay at SS. I hope for the Marlins sake that he comes back close to his 2009 self.

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    Re: Shoulder surgery for HanRam

    He has said that he is willing to move to 3B to make room for Jose Reyes, if management is willing to take on that much salary. It is very likely that the Marlins will need to pick up a good utility infielder if such a move is made, as they will need someone to take these guys' spots during their inevitable trips to the DL.
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