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Witlon's Fantasy Baseball Rankings: First Base

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The list is a mixture of stats, potential and playing time projected for the 2012 season(with standard 5◊5 catagories). These will be my preranks to open the season. Iím always open to questions, comments and civil disagreements with my rankings.

Notes: Probably the deepest position in fantasy baseball, as always. You could argue either way on Cabrera and Pujols, but I like Miguelís situation an protection a tad better. Same can be said for Fielder and Votto. With the depth on the list, your former top tier catchers(Posey, Mauer) have fallen well in to the twenties on my list, but most of you will draft them as a catcher, not a first baseman, anyway.

Others to consider: Carp(SEA), LaRoche(WAS), D. Lee(FA), Howard(PHI), Kotchman(CLE), and Rizzo(CHC).

First Base
1.Cabrera, Miguel(DET)
2.Pujols, Albert(ANA)
3.Fielder, Prince(DET)
4.Votto, Joey(CIN)
5.Gonzalez, Adrian(BOS)
6.Teixeiera, Mark(NYY)
7.Butler, Billy(KC)
8.Konerko, Paul(CHW)
9.Morse, Michael(WAS)
10.Santana, Carlos(CLE)
11.Berkman, Lance(STL)
12.Napoli, Michael(TEX)
13.Trumbo, Mike(ANA)
14.Freeman, Freddie(ATL)
15.Goldschmidt, Paul(ARI)
16.Hosmer, Eric(KC)
17.Lind, Adam(TOR)
18.Morales, Kendrys(ANA)
19.Alonso, Yonder(SD)
20.Reynolds, Mark(BAL)
21.Davis, Ike(NYM)
22.Kendrick, Howie(ANA)
23.Mauer, Joe(MIN)
24.Posey, Buster(SF)
25.Lee, Carlos(HOU)
26.Young, Michael(TEX)
27.Swisher, Nick(NYY)
28.Morneau, Justin(MIN)
29.Sanchez, Gaby(FLA)
30.Dunn, Adam(CHW)
31.Cuddyer, Michael(COL)
32.Belt, Brandon(SF)
33.Allen, Brandon(OAK)
34.Pena, Carlos(TB)
35.Loney, James(LA)


  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Poor James Loney.
  2. realmofotalk's Avatar
    But...but...Loney is an RBI machine!!
  3. love_that_reefer's Avatar
    I'd have Votto ahead of Fielder and Pena 30th