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location of next GTA

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I'll keep my thoughts on this short. While there a legion of fans clamoring for a remake of Vice City and San Andreas, I just don't see it happening. The inspiration for Vice City is 1980's Miami, whose notoriety for the drug business, crime, and well, vice in general, was specific to that decade. Seeing how they've already released two installments (a major one for consoles and a minor one for the PSP) featuring that theme, I believe VC has run its course. As for San Andreas, does such a setting that was painstakingly developed the first time around really need a major face lift? I don't think they would want to do that. So where do they go with the next location?
Well, if it's anything like the past settings, it needs to be:
  • ethnically diverse for variety of gangs (so Asian cities need not apply)

  • English speaking population because nobody in the U.S. wants to be forced to follow subtitles if the characters speaks say, French or German

  • preferably based on a city Rockstar Games has worked on before

Considering they're running out of viable U.S. cities, I predict the next location will be London. The States will have to live with the choice.
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  1. Kingdom's Avatar
    GTA: Gotham City

    hyuk hyuk
  2. missionhockey21's Avatar
    The one interesting thing about London too is that you obviously have Ireland and Scotland nearby, should they want to use them, and really France is not all that far away when you consider that Vegas was in San Andreas. I think ultimately it will need to be a location with some diversity. What so many loved about SA was the different feels of the cities/areas in the game. GTA4 did a great job in some respects, but once you got over how much there was in the city, you kind of missed being able to go off-roading in the country, or drive down the SF like hills... or at least I did.