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2nd annual "I know I'm better than A.J. Smith" live draft selection

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Tune in here on Thursday when I suggest the draft prospect that Sir A.J. ignores and pays dearly for it all next season.

Last year at the now-defunct NFL sister site, I pushed for beastly Ole Miss offensive tackle Michael Oher when he fell to San Diego's pick at #16. Instead, A.J. reached for Northern Illinois defensive end Larry English, who made his name beating inferior players in an inferior NCAA FBS conference. Oher went on to start every game for Baltimore and came in 2nd place in the voting for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, while English never did show the flashes of a Shawne Merriman clone.
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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
  2. Kingdom's Avatar
    What number do they own this season?

    And, if they had a 2nd rounder, I DARE you to up the ante, and do it for two rounds. Cause you pick on their other round choices as much as their first rounders. Hester, Weddle (solid player though), ummmm someone else.

    More fun to digest and I'm not counting wide receivers, cause Rivers had plenty of weapons, so not considering Maclin or Harvin.. but on top of Oher, they also passed up on Vontae Davis, Clay Matthews, and Donald Brown. It's easy to go back and say what if for any team on any year when drafting, but in this case.. the chargers would have had Cromartie's replacement, a better defensive player on the end, or LdT's replacement vs. a guy we probably won't hear from for awhile.

    Of course my steelers took a guy named Ziggy over Lauranitis, Delmas, Britton, and Byrd. Aka an awesome linebacker with range, a pair of talented safeties that would compliment Polamalu or replace him for games when he's hurt, or a talented offensive lineman.
  3. realmofotalk's Avatar
    They own numbers 28 and 40, and I accept the challenge. Well, it's not really a challenge considering I'm not going up against someone like Ozzie Newsome, but you're more than welcome to compare my #28 to Baltimore's #25, if it turns out I don't like who they took at #25.

    I get that hindsight's 20/20 and all, but not in last year's case. Oher was the guy they needed and they blew it.
  4. Kingdom's Avatar
    Well, true. And they could have used the other ones I listed. I don't think anyone needs to challenge the Ozz, he's done a fairly good job I'd say.

    I read in the last espn magazine about who makes decisions about drafting. Comes down to the Owner/GMs, coaches, or scouts- they all seem divided and it differs from team to team. Granted it makes TOO much sense, but you'd think they'd try to work together. Instead we have Al Davis who picks based on 10 minutes of game film of a player going against Tennessee Tech or William & Mary. It's good times.

    Also, I predict the Bengals to pick someone comical early on as usual.
  5. realmofotalk's Avatar
    I read that same issue, too. If you recall in the 32 team draft rankings, they named Davis, Weddle, and Hester as blemishes on A.J. Smith's track record. I don't hate to say I told you so.
  6. realmofotalk's Avatar
    And yeah, I was amused to read that Raiders scouts would undermine Al Davis by adding tenths of a second to the 40-times of a player who is only fast and nothing more.
  7. Kingdom's Avatar
    Guess they didn't add enough to DHB. Here's my question, what sold him on Russell? I know they had zilch at QB, but it's not like Russell was some amazing athlete at QB. He just threw the ball real far, from his knees. Was that it? Cause I can't remember what the buzz was at the time. Looking back at the draft, it seems like Al Davis is picking Calvin Johnson for his speed and freak physique or have traded down to take Ginn.
  8. realmofotalk's Avatar
    What you said. They had zilch at QB, and the decision came down to who would they rather have between Russell and Quinn.
  9. Kingdom's Avatar