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Sometimes don't fix whats f'n broken.

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There has been recent rumblings of how a TC runs or should be ran. Yes the Commishes take on a lot of work and takes a lot of heat. People don't realize how tough it is to be in a TC. Before, some people go off and say that we are too tough or people don't get their way take this into account. MLB might seem like they let everything through, but there are rules in place to keep everyone in check. Yes, even the damn Yankees and their 300 million dollar payroll. Even the President has check and balances. This is what a TC's role is for a sim league. They are the checks and balances to ensure that the commish or any GM could be held in collusion. Forget about the borderline it should pass crap, I've seen what its done in a league that I am still in. It can still tilt the balance of power. There has not been so much animosity with a TC in general ever.

Where was the people to back the TC. There was a perception that they couldn't do anything right if they passed or failed a deal. Because you see a deal being passable does not mean that it can be viewed the same way from 5-7 people who have different styles and values on different type of players. What I ask from EVERYONE is to let the TC do its job and stop complaining about your deal not passing due to factors the TC has in place. I know the TC's I am in have outlined reasons on how to view a trade. I comment OM's for reiterating that recently, but hes had it up since its inception. I'm willing to give my thoughts on a deal via AIM or PM but I will not speak for a TC. It's just 13-20% of a process that checks and balances the power of the leagues.
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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Well said.