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The House of Porterhouse Slants

The House of Porterhouse Slants: April's Power Rankings

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Power Rankings for April

Team Top 10.

1. Rays (17-6, 144 RS, 76 RA): Matt Garza and company are clicking on all cylinders at the moment. They are 12-4 vs the AL East this season so far. David Price might finally live up to the hype.
2. Yankees (15-7, 118 RS, 79 RA): I still feel that the Rays are more complete of a team at the moment. This could change later down the road. Robinson Cano has been on fire so far that season (.400, 8 HR, 18 RBIs)
3. Twins (15-8, 118 RS, 87 RA): Imagine if this team didn't lose Joe Nathan for the season. Francisco Liriano (3-0, 0.93 ERA, 27 Ks, 18 H, 10 BB in 29 IP) has refound his dominant ways in the early part of the season. The concern is the depth of the rotation after Baker-Liriano-Pavano (shudders).
4 .Mets (14-9, 105 RS, 73 RA): The Mets are suprising everyone at the moment. We can't make fun of them at the moment (KoZ will find a way). Mike Pelferey is going on the hill today looking to beat Roy Halladay. Last year this would have been a major mismatch. Winners of 8 straight and 9 of 10.
5. Cards (15-8, 104 RS, 73 RA): We know that the pitching is going to be there for the Cards. But can they survive with just two bats that scare pitchers all season long? Can Colby Rasums (.323, 6 HR, 12 RBI) continue to impress in the early going? Will Ryan Ludwick return to his old self?
6. Padres (15-8, 106 RS, 77 RA): Can we realistically think they are contenders yet? Winners in 8 of their last 10. They finally might have a team that plays to Petco Park. Still a little reserved to see if they can stick in a relatively medicore NL West, yet.
7. Phillies (12-10, 115 RS, 99 RA): It's only a matter of time before they pass the Natinals for 2nd in the East. Their run differential is better than most of the teams with a better record (Nats, Tigers). When they stabilize their bullpen and Ryan Howard realizes its the 2nd half. They will be fine
8. Giants (13-9, 101 RS, 65 RA): Best pitching staff in the NL at the moment. The concern with them is they can't score to save anyone lives. Will they find enough offense to keep the pitching staff happy? They are the better version of the Royals. Well at least when the Royals send winless Zach Grienke to the mound.
9. Detroit (14-10, 120 RS, 113 RA): They can score a ton of runs. Can they pitch at all? Who the heck stole Rick Porcello's and Justin Verlander's body? If they don't turn around their pitching really quick, It will be a long season for the Tigers.
10. Rockies (11-12, 121 RS, 95 RA): They are 1-4 in run games and are better than their 11-12 record. They might actually have decent pitching to go with that offense of theirs. They beat out the Nationals, A's, Jays, Red Sox and Reds for the final spot.
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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    I agree with these rankings.