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The House of Porterhouse Slants

The House of Porterhouse Slants: Why Tim Tebow is a good fit in Denver?

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Much has been made about Tim Tebow being drafted in round one, but have we ever taken into the fact of how similar in personality Tebow and McDaniels are at all? When I first heard about Tebow being taken 25th, it was a thought of why would Denver move up to make this pick. After sleeping on and thinking it over, The intensity and work ethic that Tebow has embodies how McDaniels coaches. It's what is expected of what he wants out of his player. Add the fact that he has Quinn and/or Kyle Orton on the roster right now, Tebow doesn't have to start right away like Bradford for St Louis. While, personally they could have gotten him at 33 very easily with the Rams wanting to deal their pick, I still feel they could have gotten the same from Colt McCoy in round 2 for cheaper. McCoy doesn't have the always intense nature of Tim, I think he will end up the better quarterback. But no team's head coach/system fits Tim Tebow like Denver's. I think he will flourish in Colorado and look he gets to be closer to God being a mile up already. Does anyone think the McDaniels-Tebow duo will have a close relationship like Payton-Brees or The Sweater-Brady?
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  1. Slyder's Avatar
    McDaniel doesnt have the job security to wait on Tebow to develop. Tebow better be at the apex or this "good fit" will turn out very badly.
  2. Providence A's's Avatar
    They'll both be gone in a few years.