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First Game of The Season

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Opening Day is Opening Day, but the season for me really doesn't feel real until I am there in the stands in person and Saturday was that day for me. Game two of the season, Brewers' Marcum versus the Reds' Wood. The game itself was a good one, with Wood throwing a very pitch efficient, strike after strike type of performance. The young lefty is quickly showing he is among the brightest in an already talented Reds rotation with a lot of maturity for such a young pitcher. The Reds bats didn't disappoint either, with the highlight in the game being Rolen's 2nd inning two-run homerun to really give the Reds a nice lead. The Brewers challenged later in the game, making things close with a strong 9th against Cordero, but the Reds held on to start the season 2-0 before sweeping on Sunday.

If you want to read about the game though, there are plenty of recaps online and ones that will do it better justice than I will. What I can share is my 2011 game one experience. With temperatures dropping to around 40 degrees by the end of the game, I of course dressed appropriately. This means thin material jeans, my Matt Stairs (Use Stairs In Case of Emergency) t-shirt, a thick hoodie and a baseball cap. By the end of the third inning I had my hood up to guard against the cold air blowing in from the river, because we were sitting at nearly the top of the rightfield stands. I seem to only sit here when its cold or when the sun is ready to cook a turkey, which again I am usually well-prepared for without sun-tan lotion.

The seats were great though besides that. I always love the view from out there, especially for the price, its the people I take issue with. I don't know if its the family thing or what, but these are usually the worst of the worst. Behind us this time was what appeared to be a man, his son, his brother, and his brother's son. The man had a machine gun style of laugh, which was employed in use about every 30 seconds, along with his own color commentary meant for the entire section to enjoy. This was followed by his brother, who was really pretty quiet, agreeing with a one or two word statement. And then the man's son, who had the extended commentary mix. Keep in mind that this kid was probably around 11 or 12, so I feel no pity in criticizing him. This kid went on a rant about the lousy season Scott Rolen had last year, a 2010 All-Star & Gold Glove winner. Openly wondered and was angered by the fact that the Reds do not let his Little League team practice in the stadium. And 3/4 players either had a batting stance or "pitching stance" that "sucks." This is America, you are allowed to have your retarded opinions, but I do not want to hear every single one of them and preferably none of them. The last thing we need is for children to feel entitled, indignant, with every major life decision at that point being made by their mommy is something I can't take.

I get it, I sound like I'm ranting, and I am. Kids are allowed to say stupid things, they are kids. I know I said stupid things, but I also avoided talking about being a professional athlete who could outperform many on the field when I was at an age where most typically are realizing their limitations, or should be. This really goes back to to my view on fat girls who say they are hot. I wouldn't call them out or be mean to them if they were modest, but if they want to live in a world of delusion and expect others to join them, someone needs to bring them back with a cold hard smack of reality. If this kid was a mini Bill James, a thought which terrifies me, then that's great, but he wasn't. The only joy I am left with is knowing that by the end of the game, even his family was annoyed with him, and as they helped to create his ego they now have to live with it.

Summary: Good game, Reds won, I was tempted to throw a pre-teen in the Ohio River from rightfield.
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