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Sim Leagues, it's a serious business.

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I am going to get it out of the system, so that those who are not a part of sim leagues will never have to worry about blogs on sims ever again.

But most of you have or are a part of a league. If not, sim leagues are like complex fantasy leagues that are beyond fantasy since it's not based on real life production, instead, it's based on rating forumalas and a statistical generator. Geeky, yes, very. But as sports fans, aren't we all? Sim leagues bring out the best in a sabermetrician, they also bring out the dumb in every dumbass. And much like fantasy leagues, apparently they're becoming a serious business.

I've been doing these things since I was about 12, so that's 13 years and running. It started with NBA Live. It evolved into NBA simulators. It became baseball simulators. Ultimately, it's now OOTP.

I begin wondering if, like most everything, we as a people have begun taking it too seriously. To paraphrase DiamondDave, these silly little works of fiction serve as a brief escape from reality, work, redundancy in life, boredom, etc. It's meant to be fun. Fun is slowly be leaked all over the damn floor. Some of you are thinking this stems from what recently took place in MissionHockey21's league, and actually it's not. You know, that whole thing actually brought the league together for a fun debate. Yes, to me that was actually fun because how many times are you going to have DiamondDave and General agree on something? It was pretty cool and handled.

What bothers me is the serious nature that's floating above OOTP. The only person that has something invested in these sim leagues are the commissioners. We as the "General Managers" have no stake. Yet, we perceive making mistakes or being hesitant to do something because we are afraid it will be something we regret. But how do we regret something that's not real? Do you know how easy it is to delete a file and start a league all over again? I look at anything that I've done in the past, and leave it at that. I don't care, that in the end, a trade did not work out. Unlike a Jim Bowden, my shotty work as a "GM" does not cost me my job. It just causes the Sabers and the Kingdoms to pounce on bad trades with humor and criticism. But, we currently stand at a point where treating fiction like reality is casually sucking the life out of something meant to serve as a hobby. Some people milk cows, some play paintball, others collect bottle caps, and then there's those that do sim leagues.


  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    I'm not a sim league guy, but I did dabble in one way back when. I know that my first and only move was to vastly overpay for Vladimir Guerrero, at least I think I was overpaying. I can't exactly remember.
  2. Providence A's's Avatar
    It's just as serious as the internet.
  3. Kingdom's Avatar
    I think it's Ross Perott approved, PA.
  4. Porter's Avatar
    Was it Ross Perot's ears or the actual body?
  5. Kingdom's Avatar
    He went full frontal on this one.
  6. Foster's Avatar
  7. missionhockey21's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyKash
    I'm not a sim league guy, but I did dabble in one way back when. I know that my first and only move was to vastly overpay for Vladimir Guerrero, at least I think I was overpaying. I can't exactly remember.
    Yes, I remember that DK. But back then, who wouldn't have overpaid for Vladdy when he would smack one out of the park from a couple of inches above the dirt?

    Great entry Zito. I tend to agree that the best thing to do sometimes is to simply take a step back and reassess. I know there have been times when I would be out with friends and would check the site on my phone to see if a trade offer was accepted. Or feeling insulted if I received a ridiculous offer, fair below fictional trade value. As a GM of a fictional organization, with no basis in reality, as most sim leagues lose that after a season or two, sometimes you have to ask yourself if its being taken a bit too seriously.
  8. Kingdom's Avatar
    Sometimes I wonder. If something like this is taken to heart so closely, how do folks handle real life situations? Scary thought. Good thing we have Saber.
  9. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Real life?
  10. Providence A's's Avatar
    Fake baseball is real life.

    Some people covet 1st round draft picks like they're gold or a pair of used panties.
  11. Kingdom's Avatar
    Black lace panties at that.
  12. DirtyKash's Avatar
    I'm rooting for Providence A's in one of these leagues because his team is located in Montreal. That's about it.
  13. Providence A's's Avatar
    They were rumored to be moving until I took them over.
  14. Kingdom's Avatar
    He even brought back Youppi