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Year 3: Kingdom takes a liking to NBA Prospects

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I suddenly had remembered what I had been doing, listing my favorite NBA prospects as we gear up for the NBA draft. There was a lot of hit and miss with my list last year, let's review:

10. PG Reggie Jackson: Well, woops. Showed so little, OKC signed Derek Fisher.
9. SG Alec Burks: Part of a good rebuild for the Jazz, but not outside shot.
8. PG Norris Cole: Early on, looked great. Then the coach effed with the bench. Disappeared.
7. SF Chandler Parsons: All you need to know is that he had almost as many highlight reel worthy dunks as Griffin AND can shut down Kevin Durant on defense.
6. PG Talor Battle: Oops.
5. SF/SG Scotty Hopson: Oops again, damn it.
4. SF/PF Derrick Williams: Showed some good and bad. Sadly, I liked him more than Irving. Gah.
3. SG/SF Klay Thompson: 18 plus once Ellis was dealt.
2. PF Kenneth Faried: Got a nickname and got Nene shipped out.
1. PG Jimmer Fredette: I...blame....the worst possible team for him to be drafted by.

Okay, so... Yes, Parsons!

I'm trimming this year's list down to 5. Let's see how I end up faring this season.

5. Tony Wroten Jr. - Washington: I think he could be the top PG from this draft and one of the best picks period, if he keeps his head on straight. He'll develop enough of a jumper to package with his stature and the fact that he's a potential 6'6 version of Rajon Rondo..
4. Jared Cunningham - Oregan State: Darkhorse. Could easily be a rotation player even if drafted late in 2nd round, cause he'll play both guard positions, defend well, and should be considered for the dunk contest.
3. Royce White - Iowa State: I really hope the anxiety disorder stays in check. When ISU played UConn in the big dance in March, Andre Drummond looked like a weak little child next to this guy. He was man amongst college kids. And a walking triple double threat.
2. Jeff Taylor - Vanderbilt: The more talented version of my #1 guy. He was a good defender and rebounder, then became a good offensive player. Now he's kinda wow'ing people with athleticism. Get-this-guy.
1. Darius Miller - Kentucky: He has the least stock of the Kentucky bunch but he was the glue guy and easily the most versatile as Kentucky's sixth man, playing forward, wing, and even PG. Solid all the way around and a good leader type. He screams San Antonio, Oklahoma City, or Chicago.

Oh, and obviously I'm all for Jet Chang. That's a golden NBA name, if there ever was one.
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