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A Challenge To All Cryptographers

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BD1: 296.54
BDD: 300.7
AN: 307.1
BPD: 301.83
ORD: 305.50, 304.00

If you can decipher any/all of the above, then 1) you officially have no life (but congrats anyway) and 2) you now know the reason behind my prolonged absence from B/S.

And on that note, I shall leave thee with this data; do with it what you will. Have a splendid day.
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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Officially stumped.
  2. hot_corner_gurl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyKash
    Officially stumped.
    Did you figure it out?

    ...on second thought...I forgot you live in Canada...though theoretically that shouldn't matter...
  3. Mach's Avatar
    I don't know you well, but I think I know what those are. If I'm right, I hope things are headed in the right direction! If not, then ignore me.

    Also, I do miss SF. I grew up there, live in Concord now. Tragic really. I know you say don't live there, I just wanted to opine.
  4. Kingdom's Avatar
    I beat you by a few days. She already mailed a prize to me. She sent me some silly putty. Awesomest prize ever.
  5. hot_corner_gurl's Avatar
    Machiavelli - I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You're probably right anyway. Things really aren't going well at all, but as long as I make it another day, that's all I can ask for. And no way, Concord? For real? I actually live in Danville right now. And I hate it. Hahaha but same deal, I miss SF but it was just too damn expensive.

    Kingdom - silly putty? Psh, I didn't send that. It should have been my entire collection of Neopets plushies, including the limited-edition Chomby! *gasps* WHERE HAVE THEY GONE?!
  6. Kingdom's Avatar

  7. hot_corner_gurl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kingdom

    Don't hate! It was either that or my 18 volumes of the Sailor Moon manga in Japanese, but I must admit I have a special attachment to it. Plus I assumed that, given what I know about you from here, you would appreciate the neopets more than the manga.
  8. DirtyKash's Avatar
  9. hatreserve's Avatar
    daym google translate didnt help at all :P