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It's Time - 2011 Predictions

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So here we are on the eve of opening day for the Blue Jays. There have been a number of changes in the off-season; new manager, the Vernon Wells trade, Jose and his new contract, and some new faces on the roster to start the season.

What will all these changes bring? Well thats yet to be seen, so I'll go out on a limb and make a couple predictions.

  1. 4th Place Finish - In a difficult AL East, the Jays will be hard pressed to compete for a division title with Boston, New York, and Tampa Bay. Based on what I see, and if everyone stays healthy over the season for all teams involved, I can't see the Jays breaking into the top 3. We may not even hold off Baltimore, but I can't see it.
  2. 30 Home Runs - Our cover boy Jose will hit the 30 home run mark baring any significant injury. I feel this is a rather safe prediction, one that AA and the rest of the front office are expecting to happen given their hefty contract extension.
  3. Lawrie Starts at 3rd - At some point in the coming season, Brett Lawrie will start a game at 3rd base. His play was never below average during spring training, and his bat lived up to the billing. At what point in the season he'll show up depends on his play in AAA, and the situation with the big club.
  4. Trades will happen. - Be it Juan Riveria, Escobar, E5, one of the young pitchers, or a bullpen arm, I suspect AA will be able to pull something off over the course of the season that will improve the team for the future. He may not be a silent assassin anymore, he has made a name for himself in the GM community.

Wow, not much of a list. Well let's be honest, are you really expecting a lot this season from the Blue Jays? I can't say that I am. Another season of building towards a promising future, one where surprises will out weight predictions.

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  1. Foster's Avatar
    For a great breakdown of the line-up the Jays will use this season, the good folks at Getting Blanked provided this...
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  2. realmofotalk's Avatar
    I think it's a real possibility that the Jays finish ahead of the Rays, which replaced Carl Crawford with past-their-primes Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez and somehow the expectation is that the offense (and left field defense) won't skip a beat?
  3. Foster's Avatar

    Wait, what?