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A look at the Cabrera brothers

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Did you know? There are three starting shortstops in baseball with the last name "Cabrera": Asdrubal with Cleveland, Everth with San Diego, and Orlando with Cincinnati. Let's take a look at how they are doing so far.


Asdrubal Cabrera has had a decent start to the season. He has recorded base hits in each of his games and has been active on the base paths (2 steal attempts). After getting shut out in the first game, his Indians rebounded to win their second game of the season.


Everth Cabrera has been hit-or-miss. Despite striking out 5 times in the first 3 games, E-Cab was a force in game 2, when he delivered a single, double, triple and a stolen base on his way to a 4-RBI game and just missing the cycle. The Padres moved him to the lead-off spot for the third game in hopes of revving up their offense.


After going 0-for-5 in the opener, O-Cab was a monster in the second game when he delivered a two-run home run off Adam Wainwright, and later added an RBI double down the left field line. He also added a stolen base for good measure. A good start to the season for the former Expo.

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  1. Kingdom's Avatar
    I prefer Drunk-Cab
  2. DirtyKash's Avatar
    If only he played shortstop.
  3. Kingdom's Avatar
    If he lost 40-50 lbs, it's not out of the question.