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5 Old Guys Who Aren't Finished Just Yet

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1. Andruw Jones - Say what!? Fat Andruw Jones homered again last night, his 4th of the season already, and it was a monster off of David Price. Andruw is now hitting .323 on the season. He's been hitting in the middle of the White Sox lineup and if he can just stay around baseball for, say, 3 more years (not a given seeing what happened to Jermaine Dye, but I think Andruw is willing to settle for less money), a run at the 500-home run club isn't out of the question. Andruw has 392 career jacks, as Kingdom_of_Zito lets us know. It's not that far-fetched.

2. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - This is really surprising to me. Pudge had another 2 hits last night, extending his streak of multi-hit games to 5. He has 8 multi-hit games this season in 11 starts. Unbelievable. He is currently the #1 ranked catcher in all of Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball. Someone must have sent Pudge a fresh shipment of st... never mind.

3. Nick Johnson - At 31 years old, I reserve the right to call him old. After another 0-for-2 last night, Nick is hitting a mere .146 this season, but he did draw another 2 walks, so his on-base number is at .407. I guess that's supposed to make him valuable or whatever. The Yankees are 9-3 with him in the lineup, so it's not like they have to hit the panic button like the Red Sox just yet. Keep drawing those bases on balls, Nick!

4. Lance Berkman - Big Puma made his 2010 debut last night and had 2 RBI. His teammate Carlos Lee still has 0 RBI this season. Getting it done.

5. Troy Glaus - A slower start than the other guys on the list, but he jacked a 2-run bomb with 2 out in the 9th inning last night against closer (snicker) Ryan Madson to set the table for a big Braves comeback over the Phillies. Glaus is showing that he can still stroke a long one.

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  1. Porter's Avatar
    Nick Johnson being old? Really. This isn't the NFL.
  2. Kingdom's Avatar
    I think Nick Johnson is the definition of "empty on base percentage".
    He's limited on power, has no speed, and apparently doesn't make much contact. But he draws walks, so I suppose that's all that matters when ARod, Teixeira, and Cano are behind you.

  3. Foster's Avatar
    If Troy Glaus is old at 33, than the world is over.
  4. Kingdom's Avatar
    He's playing like he's 41.
  5. DirtyKash's Avatar
    2 more walks for Nick Johnson tonight!