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Witlon's Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Catcher

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Something I was doing for my blog, figured I'd share it here as well. Expect a new position posted every day with a Top 100 list to close them out. These are pure opinion, and I'll be using these in my preranks for 5x5 drafts this season.

A couple notes: Victor Martinezís injury hurts the depth here, big time. Jesus Montero may not be catcher eligible in fantasy leagues to start the season. Ideally, heíd play about 30 games at catcher and 120 at DH. Iím likely too high on Salvador Perez, but itís hard to argue with his stats post-call up last year and his decent prospect pedigree.

Just missing the list: Hanigan(CIN), Flowers(CHW), Iannetta(ANA), DíArnaud(TOR), Larnaway(BOS)

2012 Catcher Rankings
1.Santana, Carlos(CLE)
2.McCann, Brian(ATL)
3.Napoli, Michael(TEX)
4.Mauer, Joe(MIN)
5.Posey, Buster(SF)
6.Weiters, Matt(BAL)
7.Montero, Jesus(SEA)
8.Montero, Miguel(ARI)
9.Avila, Alex(DET)
10.Mesorasco, Devin(CIN)
11.Martin, Russell(NYY)
12.Arencibia, J.P.(TOR)
13.Soto, Giovany(CHC)
14.Molina, Yadier(STL)
15.Ramos, Wilson(WAS)
16.Suzuki, Kurt(OAK)
17.Lecroy, Jonathan(MIL)
18.Perez, Salvador(KC)
19.Hernandez, Ramon(COL)
20.Hundley, Nick(SD)


  1. Witlon's Avatar
    Just to update this...

    Yahoo opened Fantasy Basbeall today, and I noticed Lavarnway and Montero are UTIL only to start the season. So slide 8-20 up, and throw Iannnetta in at 20 if they're not available in your league.