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Kingdom's Five Films of Joy of 2011

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I've been reading top film lists by the "critics" lately, and am inspired to list my own. Upon recalling the 2011 films I have seen, I've found a significant amount that I haven't seen that I anticipate will challenge what I could list at this present time. So first, let me list the five I cannot wait to see the most that I have not from this year. And then, my top 5.

5. Source Code: I actually have it, just haven't watched it yet. I hear glowing reviews, and most Jake Gyllenhaal movies never receive such things.

4. The Muppets: I was a fan as a kid. And I'm a big fan of Jason Segel.

3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: If not for all the teen-hoopla for Twilight and Harold Potter, I feel like this was the FILM of 2011 going by everything you read. Who knew?

2. 50/50: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors.

1. Drive: My anticipation level for this movie is so great, that I will predict that it's my 2nd favorite 2011 movie.

Now my 5 favorites of 2011:

5. Hanna: Surprise pick? Sure. But I was surprised how good I thought the film was. Nothing says insane like a teenager who's a trained assassin and kicks the ever living CRAP out of everyone. In a variety of ways. It was like watching Liam Neeson. If he was 14. And a girl.

4. Fast Five: I like the Fast & Furious series simply because they're genuine popcorn films with explosions and over the top stunts. Fast Five took all of that and maxed it out more than even Michael Bay could ever dream of! The chase at the end might be the craziest film sequence I've ever witnessed.

3. Battle Los Angeles: I know a lot of people didn't like it. I loved it. It's one of the more re-watchable films from 2011 for me. I think Aaron Eckhart is a solid actor. And I love how it's essentially a Call of Duty game, only Russians are replaced with Aliens. Intense claustrophobic battle scenes highlight the movie.

2. X-Men First Class: You knew I was going to list one of the comic book films. I liked them all except Green Lantern. But this was a standout due to the acting from Michael Fassbender as Magneto. And Kevin Bacon as the villain was excellent. Much like the first couple of X-Men films that assembled a mostly unknown or independent circuit of actors, they pulled off the same here, with tons of success.

1. Warrior: I am not into MMA. I can stand it, I just don't actively follow or pay attention enough to be considered a fan. Quite simply put, Warrior was so amazing from a dramatic standpoint and from a choreographed fight perspective. It was so well done, the WWE would blush at the tremendous acting while fighting. Tom Hardy is goingt to be legendary after 2011 and 2012. I mean, just watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer... I was blown away by this film and it's not really the type I go see at the theatre. But I was hooked from the previews and was so glad I saw it on the big screen.
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  1. Porter's Avatar
    The Muppets and the Smurfs have Neil Patrick Harris in it.

  2. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    I concur on Warrior. GREAT Movie. Tom Hardy came out of nowhere and pulled off an incredible acting role. I loved this movie because of the plot first and the MMA second. I was angry at the end because the Dad (Nolte) turned and walked away when he should have stayed engaged with his sons and brought them back together. But maybe the writers thought this would challenge the viewers a little more and make them look at the broken relationships we all have in life.
  3. PhillyFan's Avatar
    I loved Warrior i watch it atleast once a week maybe twice. I also liked Battle: Los Angeles, it was a great movie imo.
  4. redsrbetter's Avatar
    Warrior is easily the pick here. Great list brother!
  5. Kingdom's Avatar
    Redsrbetter! Hey man! Long time no see. Hope all is well.