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My Playoff Picks

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Yankees over Twins in 5
Rays over Rangers in 5
Phillies over Reds in 3
Giants over Braves in 5

Yankees over Rays in 6
Phillies over Giants in 5

World Series
Phillies over Yankees in 5
MVP: Utley


  1. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    IMHO, This is pretty close to how I think it will play out.

    Definitely can't see anyone beating the Phillies with Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels... (now watch, the unthinkable will happen and the Phillies will get knocked out early)

    My only difference of opinion is that I can't see how the Yankees will beat the Rays when Pettitte, Hughes, and Burnett are pitching. There offense has to come up big for that to happen. If the Yanks beat the Rays, I will predict that 3 out of 7 games will end in scores over 5 runs per game.

    Great Picks! Looking forward to several Phillies-Giants pitching duals.
  2. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    I can't edit the above post for some odd reason. I meant the Yanks offense will have to score more than 5 runs to win any game that Pettitte, Hughes, and Burnett pitch. (Pettitte might have a sub 3 run game or two left in him though)
  3. missionhockey21's Avatar
    Good picks, but I hope Goliath (the three-headed pitching machine of Philly) falls.
  4. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Probably shouldn't have picked the Rays. Ugh.