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I Hate The Fantasy Win Method

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Why do fantasy commissioners continue to use wins as a major part of the fantasy point equation? Let alone the actual MLB, but I have more faith in fans being able to determine how best to evaluate a player's worth in competition. We're not keeping track of these stats using the newspaper, we have a bevy of metrics to look at and we continue to choose the wrong one, often giving the most weight of points to it.

I am in a 12 league head to head league where wins usually make or break you. It feels so cheap to have to watch gamecasts to see my pitchers lose their W status due to the retarded bullpen that follows them. My pitcher is long gone, the runs that are scored he has little control of (none if he is in the AL), and the bullpen that follows typically is not on my roster... so why does it matter if the cleanup hitter is out of the game for his team and they fail to score a single supporting run?

Yes, this isn't a new thought by any means and I had plenty of opportunities to select pitchers who would have greater run support, but I just hate this in concept with every fiber of my being. I feel dirty even when I win a week due to the opposing team dropping below my point level because the relief crew came in, allowed runners on to score, and give their SP an L in the end. Yes, you can't remove the team factor from all statistics, but you damn well can limit it. That's what I try to do in the B/S Points League, to keep player evaluation to just that player.

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  1. Providence A's's Avatar
    I'll take it one step further. Why even have team wins? Just use run differential to determine who makes the playoffs. Pythagorean record FTW.