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Mike Leake Appreciation

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Yes, it's seven starts and it's only May, but no matter what happens from here on out, this kid has been great and delivered beyond expectations.

He had some trouble nailing down the MLB strikezone, but from his third start out he has only walked 8 batters. He's only allowed 36 hits in 46.2 innings pitched. He has 6 quality starts in 7 attempts. Leake's GB-FB ratio has been great (77-60.) And he has pitched 7 innings in his four of his starts, with the lowest thrown being 6 innings.

For a 22 year old kid with his first professional experience to be sitting with a 3.10 ERA, while facing some teams with some talent in their lineup, it is pretty darn awesome. He just has so much poise while on the mound, a presence more fitting of a 10 year 32 year old vet and not a 22 year old rookie. He doesn't let tough situations get the best of him and he almost always finds the ability to make his pitch to get out of a jam.

Luckily for Reds fans, we might have a really special pitcher here. The kind that could pitch the big game or reinvent himself way down the line if needed. Someone with more than just talent, but
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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    He will be giving Jason Heyward a run for his money in the ROY race. And has a nice head start on Stephen Strasburg for "best pitcher of the 2009 draft" honors.
  2. realmofotalk's Avatar
    Don't you just love the MLB draft when you can get the second best college pitcher with the 8th overall pick?