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Thread: Dodgers sign Not Bryce Harper

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    Re: Dodgers sign Not Bryce Harper

    Quote Originally Posted by HollywoodLeo View Post
    I should change the name of one of the non-themed prospects in Houston in MSL to "Not Bryce Harper"
    You must spread some reputation around before giving more to Leo... Crap off I go!
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    Re: Dodgers sign Not Bryce Harper

    Quote Originally Posted by realmofotalk View Post
    Classic Friedman 4 years for an injury waiting to happen. Dude has only come close to playing a full season once in his career, yet the nerds somehow think he's worth paying more to replace Puig while losing a first round pick in the process. I prepared myself for this to happen and yet it is still miserable.
    Aaaand...he's about to land on the IL with an infection on the same elbow he had surgically repaired. I would be glad that Verdugo gets more playing time...except that Roberts is a dipshit who I just know will start Taylor and all his strikeouts every day over him.
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