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  1. Help Keep B/S Online - Donations Needed

    Hey folks,

    As you may or may not know, the site is paid for out-of-pocket by myself. The server costs are around $40 a month, so around $480 a year. We haven't received any subscriptions or donations for at least a year, and advertisements are both annoying and contribute very little. Which means its been coming out of my pocket roughly 95% for the last five years.

    If you enjoy the site, the sim leagues, or just want to help, you can sign up to make a small donation which gives you a few other perks. If a decent number of people would contribute, this makes this community a little more sustainable and makes it less likely that I ever have to shut it down for financial reasons. You can register for a premium account, or learn more, below:

    If you have questions about the accounts, would like to donate beyond the account membership, or have issues after you sign up for an account, let us know here:


  2. Baseball Slant Rules

    These are the basic rules to follow before you post at Baseball Slant. We take pride in running a quality baseball forum and we have every intention to keep it clean and make sure it is an enjoyable experience for all. It is required that you follow these basic rules and respect your fellow posters and their opinions, whether you agree with them or not. Below is the Baseball Slant rule list.

    1. Offensive Posting: We do not tolerate on any forum, any post or thread that is offensive, whether intended or not, to any group of people, including but not limited to race, religion, sex, age or personal lifestyle.

    2. Personal Attacks or Flaming: We do not allow personal attacks, on any forum excluding the smack forum. If you don't like what someone is saying, you can put them on your ignore list or contact one of the forum leaders.

    3. Smack: Smack is only allowed on the team boards at the sole discretion of that boards moderators. Team board moderators will decide how much to allow based on their posters personal preference. Any poster who does not heed the request of a team board mod to cease and desist will be reported to a Supermod or Admin immediately.

    4. Offensive Language: Do not abuse the censor system to make it so your profanity in some way is visible to all. Sexually explicit language is also not permitted.

    5. The Smack Forum: Rules 2 and 3 do not apply to the smack forum. The smack forum, due to its inherent nature, will be moderated loosely, but racial comments and purely personal disputes will not be tolerated. Posters are warned not to even go in there if they are easily offended. Any poster that repeatedly complains about the content of the smack board will have their access removed, thereby solving the problem.

    6. Spam: We do not allow spamming ever, which includes posting links to other message boards, team sites that have message boards, "buy my crap" posts, or any other non-sports related garbage. Do not post your spam, send it via the Private Message System here, send it through our members via their listed Instant Messenger accounts or email. Essentially if you plan to use B/S in some way to push your site or forum, expect to be punished.

    This also includes placing a link to another site in your signature line. Sig line links will be edited out and the poster warned if and only if he/she is actually bringing something to the table. Spam posts from new members that are obviously only here to spam will be punished as needed.

    7. Sig Pics: We allow users to use a pic in their signature. But the TOTAL size is limited to 400x125 pixels and must be under 60K. If it exceeds that it will be removed and a warning will be sent out. If you dont know how to resize it, just ask and people will help. Also if you wish to not see sig pics for whatever reason, go to your User CP, and then edit options to properly disable them.

    8. Copyright Material: For the most part, anything found online is copyrighted. We prefer you post a summary in your own words and then a link to the article, but it's permissible to quote a few lines. DO NOT POST ENTIRE ARTICLES.

    The Admins and Mods Have The Final Say: If you have a problem with a poster, a topic, or the forums in general please direct it to either a mod or an admin, not to the forums for all to read. If you feel that your question or complaint has not been resolved when talking to a mod, then PM one of the admins and they will help to resolve it.

    Also, the owners, admins and mods of the forum reserve the right to edit and or remove any post or thread and ban users if the action calls for it.

    Punishments at B/S vary from a simple warning, temporary suspension from the forums, or a permanent banning. Follow the rules and you should have a good time.

    If you have an issue you need to resolve, a complaint or a suggestion for the forums, please post it in our Admin Notification forum, we promise a quick reply:

    Please note that this can and will likely change from time to time, so it would be a good idea to check on it occasionally.