Hey folks,

As you may or may not know, the site is paid for out-of-pocket by myself. The server costs are around $40 a month, so around $480 a year. We haven't received any subscriptions or donations for at least a year, and advertisements are both annoying and contribute very little. Which means its been coming out of my pocket roughly 95% for the last five years.

If you enjoy the site, the sim leagues, or just want to help, you can sign up to make a small donation which gives you a few other perks. If a decent number of people would contribute, this makes this community a little more sustainable and makes it less likely that I ever have to shut it down for financial reasons. You can register for a premium account, or learn more, below:


If you have questions about the accounts, would like to donate beyond the account membership, or have issues after you sign up for an account, let us know here: