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Thread: New Fantasy Football League

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    New Fantasy Football League

    Obviously there have been a few changes to the MSL GM lineup this season. I saw in some people's signatures, talking about the records, championships, etc in fantasy. As the preseason is starting, I am looking to figure out what I am doing fantasy wise this year. I had made the decision to only do 2 leagues, as I plan to do draft kings/fan duel or something on top of it. I always try and do one with friends.

    So before I decided what else to do, I figured I would check to see what goes on here, or if I should possibly create my own

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    Re: New Fantasy Football League

    I just renewed the one I ran last season.

    Last second, I know, but I sent out reminders to everyone.

    You can join if you like
    LeagueTeamyearsRecordWild CardDivisionPennantsTitles
    MSLSan Diego Padres2034-20592,217-1,9951631
    TBLArizona Diamondbacks2005-20181,216-1,0531963
    TSSLSan Diego Padres2015-2021, 2024-20281,017-9280732
    TSSLTexas Rangers2029-2033396-4140000

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