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Thread: Verlander Dissappoints Parents Again (The Onion)

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    Tigers Verlander Dissappoints Parents Again (The Onion)

    Pretty funny stuff here. Below is just an excerpt but you can check out the link below for the whole article on how sometimes parents just don't understand.

    A frustrated Verlander, who threw his second career no-hitter last Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays, said his parents Richard and Kathy had asked if he would be receiving some kind of promotion for his accomplishment, if this meant he would finally be allowed to hit during the games, if he would have received a promotion had he thrown a perfect game instead, why he “slacks off” and throws some pitches slower than others, and whether or not he needed any money.

    When Verlander once again explained that it is very hard to throw a no-hitter and that every pitcher dreams of throwing one, his mother and father reportedly said, “That’s nice, Justin. We love and support you no matter what you do.”
    Justin Verlander Doesn

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    Re: Verlander Dissappoints Parents Again (The Onion)

    "“I tried to tell her that the Tigers were a really good baseball team with a rich history, but then she asked if it was as rich as the Yankees’,” Verlander added with a sigh. “It’s really fucking annoying when she’s right.”"

    thumbs up mrs verlander... thumbs up.

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    Re: Verlander Dissappoints Parents Again (The Onion)

    This reminds of Mrs. Gehrig who was angry and stopped speaking to her son Lou for a time when he gave up becoming an engineer to be a New York Yankee.

    So, see Justin even Yankee Moms aren't always satisfied.

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