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      by Published on 04-03-2011 07:26 PM
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      Over the nearly six years that Baseball/Slant has been on the web, we have had hundreds upon thousands of posts. Posts ranging from tables containing numbers and abbreviations for baseball statistics, to the absurd and random in The Clubhouse Forum | Baseball/Slant

      One thing that will always remain true, is that while we are indexed by search engines such as ...
      by Published on 12-25-2009 02:11 AM
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      With inspiration from another article on Yahoo. Here are my gifts for MLB.

      1. New York Yankees: Joba Chamberlain's finalized role as the setup man and future closer for when Mo' "Money" Rivera retires.

      2. Boston Red Sox: Jason Bay, so we can watch their media spontaneously combust on who should be benched. At least they would be prepared for when JD Drew gets hurt again.

      3. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Money, so they can resign all their young talent and not become the modern day Expos.

      4. Toronto Blue Jays: That they get the Brandon Morrow out of college, not the ML Version so far.

      5. Baltimore Orioles: Chris ...
      by Published on 12-06-2009 02:09 AM
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      Article Preview

      With the winter meetings just days away and free agency starting to heat up, it's important to look at contracts of all sizes. And when you hear the phrase "bad contract" uttered, usually you can expect to hear a name like Mike Hampton, Carl Pavano, Ken Griffey Jr. or other high dollar star or quasi-star name mentioned. A bad contract usually means a crippling one, so much so that many seem to ignore the small contracts that sometimes are just as devastating. Not for reasons so much as the dollar figure handcuffing the team but because most teams, especially small market teams, feel compelled to play a bad contract rather than eat the contract either through a release or a trade resulting in a bucket of baseball's and some packets of mayo that was only left in the sun last summer for eleven and ...
      by Published on 07-17-2008 01:00 AM
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      Welcome to 2008, the final All-Star game Yankee Stadium will see as it continues on with its fairwell tour. So, when it's gone after this season, will it wait till late February to consider a comeback? Do the yankees turn their back on that? Unfortunately, they still air the game on FOX, which only means Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, thorns to my sides or ears in this case. Admist all the whining about the all star game being terrible and the rosters being terrible and wah wah wah, my hat goes off to the increasing amount of young stars being in the game. As Peter Gammons pointed out, thanks to the internet, more people are moving on from the older guys. Longoria and Hart winning the final vote. Cliff Lee starting for the AL. Ryan Braun with an extraordinary amount of votes. Go baseball.

      8:42 PM
      Some Taco Bell commercial featuring the Arizona Diamondbacks with a voice over by Larry the Cable guy, or at least someone who sounds like him. What the hell?

      8:43 PM
      Ad for new show, FRINGE. It'll be gone by episode 4. Then they'll bring it back after a large online petition is signed. And then cancel it after episode 9

      8:45 PM
      National League lineup looks refreshingly exciting. Do you want to face ...
      by Published on 07-17-2008 01:00 AM
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      Learn who shot J.R. here! No, actually, for the first part, click

      (After the fact snippet: I never thought I'd see an all star game last this long, with no weather delay, but mostly because of the Selig Disaster. It may not be immediate, but expect some fall out by seasons end. Why? Players used more than they were supposed to, players used period, etc.. Someone will blame someone by October for their failures because of this very game. It's in the nature of a human to not accept responsibility like that. At any rate, Dan Uggla, godspeed man.)

      Good hustle by Tejada and some wind prevent the Padres from choking in the all star game again (Adrian Gonzalez with a mild fly out). Albert Pujols is now out of the game, perhaps the worst news possible for NL fans.
      Speaking of which, the fans started chanting overrated. HollywoodLeo doesn't understand.
      Also did some searching and it turns out McCarver was mumbling something about Papelbon's wife being pregnant. Apparently she was threatened during the parade? Where's John McLane at to end this misery?

      FOX is officially frightened to death to show any Dark Knight ads.
      DC Comics is going to hit a titanic homerun with that film. Sadly, it's their only hit outside of Batman Begins. If you're keeping ...
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