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        Over the nearly six years that Baseball/Slant has been on the web, we have had hundreds upon thousands of posts. Posts ranging from tables containing numbers and abbreviations for baseball statistics, to the absurd and random in The Clubhouse Forum | Baseball/Slant

        One thing that will always remain true, is that while we are indexed by search engines such as Google, we will surely disappoint someone with an odd query who happens to land on B/S. So I decided to play a little game to find the most amusing search queries, which had at least 100 estimated impressions, over the past month to see where are some of the unexpected places you might find a B/S result. Keep in mind that some of these may be next to impossible to replicate as Google does personalize your results on search history, the user may have had some weird set of advanced filters, or they might have been super dedicated (ie, we're page 97.)

        Note, all genitalia searches were omitted. After all, I only have 10 slots and one of the queries we apparently show for is "ideal mom", so we don't want to offend too much.

        10.) "pubic hair club for men"

        LTR, you are doing us proud on the interwebs. And we just lost the "ideal mom" visitors.
        9.) "spider money"
        8.) "coach k hitler"
        7.) "mexican wolf boy"
        Guys, Benicio Del Toro is Puerto Rican, not Mexican if you want to find pictures of him as a child.
        6.) "fat man explosion"
        Like the bomb or just some fatty blowing up?
        5.) "thom yorke kills justin bieber"
        A proud moment in any career:
        4.) "pinky tuscadero"
        I think she was The Fonz's girlfriend on Happy Days? Or was she Mr. C's mistress that he later tried to murder? I can't remember.
        3.) "bj penn crying"
        2.) "hilarious hitler"
        "Did you see that Hitler dude on Family Guy?"
        "OH yeah, he was totally hilarious! We should see if he has been in anything else."

        Retards. There is also a query for "hitler sans mustache"
        1.) "i wash myself with a rag on a stick"
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