• Throwing Darts at a Small Board: Porter's 2010 MLB Draft Mock, Picks 1-15.

    This will be the 1st time ever I will do a MLB draft mock in the 29 year existence of Porter99. The research was very tedious because it was tough finding all the materials and information in one set point of time. Outside of pick 1, the rest of the draft is a 100% crapshoot. The pitchers are deeper with the high schoolers. The hitters could be more college dominated with their top end talent. Without further adieu here it goes. I will take on the 1st 15 picks, Mission will take on 16-30.

    - C/OF Bryce Harper, College of Southern Nevada, Fr. -- The Nationals would be hard press not to pick the hitting version of Stephen Strasburgh here. I think he might move to a 1B or a Corner OF spot with his arm and his natural power. Count on 15 productive years when he gets up to the Nats.

    - RHP Jameson Taillon, The Woodlands HS, Texas, Sr. -- He is the top high school pitcher in the draft. He brings a plus fastball, slider and curve. He also knows that he will have to use his developing change-up at the next level. Jameson has a great make up according to scouts. That and a 94-99 MPH fastball with a ton of movement will do that for you. They will also consider SS Manny Machado here as well.

    - SS Manny Machado, Miami Brito HS, Sr. -- The O's do need some pop in that lineup, especially in that infield. Machado doesn't have the true speed to play SS, 3B is most likely where he ends up. Tremendous power but not the greatest range or fielding for a SS. Compared to a pre steroids AROD.

    - LHP Chris Sale, Florida Gulf Coast University, Jr. -- The Royals need bats, arms and fans as a whole. Sale could be a very good complement to Zach Grienke in the rotation. His fastball is only 91-94 MPH, but is very devastating to LHB. Very unorthodox pitching slot, its very close to a sidearm motion.

    - LHP Drew Pomeranz, Mississippi, Jr. -- Sale and Pomeranz are pretty much 1 and 1a for lefties. He has great command of his fastball and curve but needs to develop a third pitch. Also, he has to learn how to hold runners at bay when they get on.

    - OF Michael Choice, Texas-Arlington, Jr. -- He might also help the air conditioning with his strikeout rate, but Choice can rake to all fields. The DBacks will like his ability to be a smart runner and being a solid defender. While his arm will move him to RF, not like the CF he plays right now. You have to have a little concern with his funky front leg action on his swing.

    - CA Yasmani Grandal, Miami (FL), Jr. -- Grandal is very raw with his skills. Switch hitter who has decent power but his bat speed needs work. The Mets do need a catcher but would have to patient with Grandal. He projects to be the best catcher in this draft and a productive bat down the road.

    -- RHP Deck McGuire, Georgia Tech, Jr. -- He doesn't have the pure stuff like a Taillon. Deck has a grind-it-out style similar to a Doug Fister, Paul Byrd (when he's good), or Jamie Moyer. He can win without his best stuff. Projects to be a #3 or 4 starter.

    -- 2B Kolbrin Vitek, Ball State, Jr. -- The Pads would be interested in Vitek mainly because of his approach at the place and the ability to hit them where they ain't. Very solid defender that could find himself at 2B or the OF. Some teams have also scouted him as a pitcher as well. He's compared to '09 first rounder A.J. Pollack.

    -- 2B/3B Zack Cox, Arkansas, So. -- He won't bowl you over with his power, but gets excellent bat speed with his swing. He's currently been moved from 3B to 2B. He could a better defensive version of Jose Lopez. An offensive minded 2B. Also, like Vitek, can be scouted as a pitcher as well

    -- OF Josh Sale, Bishop Blanchet HS, (Wash.), Sr. -- Sale is well talked about in this part of the country. He could be a RF as his arm continues to develop. He won't win batting titles, but has a ton of power in that bat. Josh should fit well in that style that Gaston has implemented in Toronto.

    -- 3B/RHP Kaleb Cowart, Cook County HS (Ga.), Sr. -- He could help the Reds with his bat or his arm. Compared to another switch hitting 3B Chipper Jones with his makeup as a hitter. If they use him as a pitcher, they have to be patient with developing a 2nd and 3rd pitch for him to use consistently. I think he will most likely end up a hitter.

    -- OF Bryce Brentz, Middle Tennessee State, Jr. -- Bryce doesn't stand out at any one thing, but hes above average at everything. His aggressive approach at the place could be one of his very few weaknesses. This is an Ozzie type of player and could help them sooner than later. They need the offense badly right now.

    -- RHP Barret Loux, Texas A&M, Jr. -- He has four pitches that he can use, although two of them needs to be worked on. Great mound presence and the change up is his best pitch. Loux has the potential to move up in this draft, mainly because he's one of the few that can use four pitches regularly, at least potentially.

    -- 3B Nick Castellanos, Archbishop McCarthy HS, Fla., Sr. -- I know like the Rangers need anymore bats in their lineup. He's not great defensively and could be their DH when Vlad finally finds father time for good. He needs to improve his range and footwork if he wants to stick at 3B. 1B is also a possibility, but the Rangers have Justin Smoak.
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    1. missionhockey21's Avatar
      missionhockey21 -
      The draft is almost here and the Nationals will get their second reward for stinking up all of America when they add Harper to a future with Strasburg.
    1. missionhockey21's Avatar
      missionhockey21 -
      I'm surprised Colon didn't make your list Porter for top 15.
    1. Porter's Avatar
      Porter -
      I got the 1st 3 picks right. I had Colon at #16. I was way off and its a crapshoot to project.
    1. missionhockey21's Avatar
      missionhockey21 -
      You got Pomeranz right too! 4/5 of the top 5 isn't too shabby. Heh.
    1. Porter's Avatar
      Porter -
      4 correct picks, 10 of 15 overall, not bad.