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        MLB rules feel like little league

        Thread Starter: Alboogz112

        Need to know how many agree that these new rules that MLB has slowly place in affect are killing the game i love. Seriously who asked them to speed up

        Last Post By: Alboogz112 06-08-2021, 10:10 PM Go to last post
      • Why do Teams wait?

        Here we are less than a week from the Major League Trade "Deadline" (how much of a deadline is debatable and a subject for another article) and we hear almost everyone is on the trade block "at the right price". Everyone from Cy Young caliber pitcher Roy Halladay to Doug Davis and about everyone in between. Which leads me to the main point of my post/article.

        Why do so many teams wait until the deadline to make moves? That is when you make your biggest blunders with the time restraints. Do you think the New York Mets would have traded then a top 10 prospect and the top lefthanded pitcher in the minors for Victor "not Carlos" Zambrano if there had not been the time restraints? We hear YEARLY of a handful of top tier players possibly being traded, but very few actually happen due to teams waiting way to long. The Cards made the first shot showing why they are always in the game with the acquisition of DeRosa, same for the Braves with McLouth. They saw holes and they went out and filled them.

        There are teams that are ALWAYS salers. I applaud the Milwaukee Brewers of having the um... guts to go out there and making an impact last year with the acquisition of C.C. Sabathia, it made the difference between making the playoffs and completely missing them. Why don't more teams make that sort of trade? If a guy is going to help you for 6 weeks then he'll certainly help you for 10 to 12 weeks. Its not going to make a deal go from being a B prospect to an A prospect because of a couple additional weeks, Milwaukee would have still had to give up Matt LaPorta in any deal for Sabathia regardless of when it was made.

        LF has been an absolute black hole for the Reds most of the season, 1b was a bit of a problem while Votto was out (Hernandez played admirably), Volquez has been hurt a large chunk of the year now. And there are some names that with a couple phone calls could have helped and teams should have been salers.

        Nate McLouth was traded to the Braves for a some prospects and could have been a possible LF and currently has 15 home runs (only Bruce has more, tied with Votto). Adam LaRoche was traded to Boston for more prospects he could have served as temporary 1b while Votto was out and provided some power (13 HRs).

        The Washington Nati'nals have the Jim Bowden trademark problem... Absolutely no pitching anywhere in the system. Bowden got canned before the season even started, theyve been wanting to trade guys for a while now and they have some pieces that (with a bit of cash) probably would not be that bad of a fit for Cincinnati (I will not mention former Reds I promise ). Cristian Guzman at shortstop is hitting .298 this year, obp of only .314 this year, which would put him in front of Willy Tavares, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Alex Gonzalez in those terms. Nick Johnson may remind people more of Sean Casey than Albert Pujols but he is ops above 800 which is something this team desperately lacks. He could have been 1b while Votto was out then either a bench/spot starter at 1b/lf or traded for value again if the Reds still fell out of it. Oh ya theres another guy with the nickname Big Donkey I think but I dont think he would fit Duhhsty's idea of an RBI guy.

        Likewise in Baltimore, there's Aubrey Huff. Huff would have provided some power and could answer some of the problems without straining Ramon Hernandez at 1b. I honestly would have perfered Nick Johnson but anything to keep Adam Rosales, Jerry Hairston Jr, Willy Tavares off the field would have been a good move.

        Oakland had some guy I am going to take a Holliday on since he's been traded.

        If you wanted to address the rotation and try to improve upon Micah Owings then what about anyone of about 3 Arizona D'backs starters Doug Davis, John Garland, or go for the big fish Dan Haren? All 3 have been very stable contributors for their careers.

        Yes Haren would have possibly cost a ton in terms of prospects (Alonso+ probably another top tier spect maybe Homer) but if you make that trade he is signed for another 2 years at a cost 8.25 mil next year, 12.75 mil in 2011 and 2012. Considering he isnt even 30 yet and a career era of like 3.50ish. How many teams would wish they had an ace signed for basically 11 mil per year? I would take that guarentee of production over unknowns.

        I can only speak for the team of my youth, the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds are an example of what happens when you wait. They got off to a very hot start, even Willy Tavares was looking like a solid cf early. Joey Votto (The lone MLB caliber hitter on the Reds) goes down and the Reds treaded water. Walt and Castinelli sat there and did nothing and now a promising season at the start has turned into just another season for Cincy. As Tavares returned to earth, injuries, and inepitude from the Front Office, Managers office, and players abillities set in now the news is the Reds are sitting on their hands while the Cards, Braves, Red Sox, and probably more will be improving their teams. To the aggressor goes the spoils, and the Reds were the furthest from that.

        Maybe I am just an odd ball but I still believe in a city like Cincy you put a legitimate contender on the field then they will come. Even in the last 20 years the Reds were at one point the largest payroll in the National League during the Marge Schott era, I have no doubts that the team could match St. Louis in terms of payroll if they work toward putting a solid team together.
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