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  1. Pittsburgh Pirate Fantasy Draft

    Since the pirates are annual feeders for the rest of the Major Leagues, what if the teams that were legit contenders or honestly thought they were contenders held a draft to break up the pirates 25 man roster? This is how it could break down:

    1. Tampa Bay Rays: CF Andrew McCutchen
    Hey, this solves the issue of replacing Carl Crawford and it breaks the hearts of the remaining 211 Pittsburgh fans.

    2. Detroit Tigers: RP Joel Hanrahan
    Detroit's end ...
  2. 2 Compelling Stats from Opening Day!

    Let's review the Opening Day action with two quips about each game.

    - Not to be confused with the failed Buffalo Bills quarterback, the Seattle Mariners catcher Rob Johnson launched a monster home run off Ben Sheets and went 1-for-2.
    - The A's cut their home run leader for the last three seasons, Jack Cust, so that... Eric Chavez?!?! could start at DH? What! Chavez goes 0-for-4 with a strikeout.

    - Kendry ...
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