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  1. Do you remember, 1.2

    Back in 1997, Cleveland called upon a 22 year old pitcher to help them in the regular season. Turns out, he also helped them get to the World Series with solid pitching against the Yankees and then the Marlins. His career plummeted after the World Series in 1997, his top prospect status quickly becoming lightning in a bottle and seemingly he was done for good. That was until his brief tenure in Atlanta..

    Do you remember once heralded prospect, Jaret Wright? If you didn't follow baseball ...
  2. Braves Bullpen implodes in loss to Nationals

    Atlanta closer, Craig Kimbrel, entered Wednesday night’s game in the top of the ninth inning with the Braves leading the Washington Nationals by a score of 3 -1. Braves starter Tommy Hanson, followed by relievers Cory Gearrin, Eric O’Flaherty and Johnny Venters had held the Nats to only one run on 6 hits in the first eight innings, but Kimbrel surrendered that lead after facing only five Washington hitters, loading the bases with only one out before surrendering an RBI double to pinch hitter Alex ...
  3. I don't need you, Chad Ford.

    One of the first blogs I made, I predicted NBA Draft busts. It was a small sample size. In addition, I claimed how I didn't like Demarcus Cousins. I still don't, that gelatin mold jackass.

    "1. Cole Aldrich, aka Curtis Borchardt. At best, maybe a shot blocking specialist.
    2. Daniel Orton, aka Brendan Wright. If you can't really crack a college rotation...
    3. Hassan Whiteside, aka DeAndre Jordan. I think he had 3 triple doubles this past season, all off the bench. ...
  4. Randomly, do you remember?

    The other day, I saw a graphic on ESPN when they were discussing Andre Ethier's hitting streak. I noticed a random player with a random 30 game hit streak and wondered out loud, how completely out of the blue? The man was outfielder Willy Taveras. Now cue up the VH1 Behind the Music theme song.

    In 2006, Taveras had a 30 game hit streak for the Houston Astros, a franchise record. In 2005, his rookie year, he was voted on by his peers as the rookie of the year (yes, Ryan Howard won ...
  5. The Making of a Mistake

    "Is it because I shaved?"

    99 plate appearances is all it takes now-a-days.

    This past week saw the Jays send Travis Snider to AAA to work on his swing. A swing that has had 99 chances to show itself, sporting a line of .184/.276/.264. With such a small sample size, you would think the powers that be would give the young hitter a ...

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