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  1. Hi, I'm Sam LeCure & I will pitch against any ace.

    Sam LeCure was called up to the Reds for his Major League debut this season when Homer Bailey was placed on the 15 Day DL. He is a prospect, not a big one, the kind of guy who might make it as a 5th starter. Good to have in case of emergency, but not the guy who will pitch game 7 in the World Series. He does probably regularly post on FML as his luck just isn't great. Yes, he got called up, but he is taking bullet after bullet for the injured Bailey.

    After tonight's game against the ...
  2. Mike Leake Appreciation

    Yes, it's seven starts and it's only May, but no matter what happens from here on out, this kid has been great and delivered beyond expectations.

    He had some trouble nailing down the MLB strikezone, but from his third start out he has only walked 8 batters. He's only allowed 36 hits in 46.2 innings pitched. He has 6 quality starts in 7 attempts. Leake's GB-FB ratio has been great (77-60.) And he has pitched 7 innings in his four of his starts, with the lowest thrown being 6 innings. ...