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Me and my thoughts. In writing. For all the netizens to see. Best when served hot with an accompaniment of clotted cream or jam.

  1. A Challenge To All Cryptographers

    BD1: 296.54
    BDD: 300.7
    AN: 307.1
    BPD: 301.83
    ORD: 305.50, 304.00

    If you can decipher any/all of the above, then 1) you officially have no life (but congrats anyway) and 2) you now know the reason behind my prolonged absence from B/S.

    And on that note, I shall leave thee with this data; do with it what you will. Have a splendid day.
  2. There is a hell...

    ...believe me. I've seen it.

    These past, what, two years have been unbearable. They have been, and still are, beyond description. Just to be clear, that's not in anyway to discount all the amazing and miraculous things that have occurred, because those have been phenomenal. It's just that, as with everything in life, you win some, you lost some.

    I was one of the lucky ones. My paralysis extended up only to my mid-thigh. Through day after day of strenuous and trying rehab, ...
  3. the renaissance of HCG

    Oh Lordy where do I even begin? I seem to have started the habit of posting fervently, disappearing for years on end, and then spontaneously surface from the depths of the internet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that third time's a charm.

    If there's one thing I want you all to know that has occurred to me over my time away from here, it's that I can now walk again. Hallelujah doesn't even begin to describe the feeling...all those blood, sweat, and tears shed at the rehab facility ...
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  4. aloha

    Well, what can I say, other than it's been a while... a lot has changed, both here at baseballslant (last I remember it was still S3F) and in my life. Wow. It kinda pains me to say that my life became so chaotic and hellish that I basically neglected baseball for the entirety of last season. Then again, nothing against my team or anything, I don't think I really missed that much (another ROTY award thanks to Mr. Beane, we become the laughing stock of the AL West once again, the Giants continue to ...
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