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  1. Playoff Picks + Homerism

    Like Pete Rose, I allegedly never bet against my team. Homers ahoy!

    Division Series

    Cincinnati vs Philadelphia:
    Reds in 5. See picture above.

    Atlanta vs San Francisco:
    Giants in 4. Zito's slumber will give the entire team the rest and strength they need.

    Texas vs. Tampa Bay:
    Rays in 4. ...
  2. My Playoff Picks

    Yankees over Twins in 5
    Rays over Rangers in 5
    Phillies over Reds in 3
    Giants over Braves in 5

    Yankees over Rays in 6
    Phillies over Giants in 5

    World Series
    Phillies over Yankees in 5
    MVP: Utley
  3. Back In First

    Today I went to the Marlins-Reds game. It was hot out, like really hot. I was able to snag a pretty good special though as the Reds had a 'tailgate' offer where you could $35 tickets for $25 with a free $10 concessions voucher. Sweet, huh? Problem was though that as I sat directly in the sun (curious that so many people were choosing to stand in the shade, next to the misting fans) I chose to sit in the sun and baked. Hell, there was even some woman about two rows down, eight seats over who had ...
  4. 2/3rd's of the AL Season Awards

    2/3rd's of the NL Season Awards

    July is nearing its end, leaving August and September for players and teams to jockey for awards and playoff positioning. When we hit the proverbial half way point, we were ready to give David Price the Cy Young, Miguel Cabrera the MVP, and Austin Jackson the Rookie of the Year. Things do change in a month's time.

    Rookie of the Year
    It's a loaded field. Neftali Feliz has been not ...

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  5. Home Run Derby: Who Should Participate? has a poll up asking fans to vote for who they'd like to see in the annual Home Run Derby, with results "in no way" determining which players actually take part in the event. It's a start, I guess, that they let us vote for this, seeing that we can't even vote for pitchers in the All-Star game.

    Now if you want to vote for the .176-hitting Carlos Pena, go right ahead. If you want to vote for the ...
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